We at “Rawa” Company realize that the field of investment in education in Egypt and the world at large has become one of the most important and strongest of all investments as the most important types of human investment and to achieve the highest levels of impact for the educational environment in the Arab Republic of Egypt The company “Rawa” believes in the importance of administrative development through focusing on The human factor and its role in achieving success and growth for educational institutions by developing them by exploiting all available capabilities and employing them to continuously improve the educational process.
“Roaa” has developed and innovated in the last decade many educational and administrative systems in line with the nature of Middle Eastern countries and their citizens … ..
The “vision” systems for educational services impressed everyone who dealt with them, from specialists, through students, to parents in the schools run by the company.

The educational systems adopted by the company “visions” are the cornerstone for any educational system that wants to take a place among the prestigious institutions by providing strategies specifically designed to meet the needs of educational institutions when they are adopted internationally according to the quality standards after studying those needs and available resources and developing strategic plans to deal with standards Accreditation and the approved organization protocol.
If you would like to consult with us, we will work with you to make tailor-made development solutions based on the specific needs of your organization.
And “Rawa” company will help you to study, discover and develop internal and external incentives to develop the educational system, and we will work on dealing with everything related to it inside and outside the institution.
Where we start first with studying and analyzing the current philosophy of your institution regarding teaching and learning, as our employees are fully aware of the required development mechanisms in this regard and through cooperation with the work team of your organization we can together achieve the best development results, while emphasizing the development of an integrated framework based on best practices Global in the field of education to achieve the continuation of the desired development.